How to Choose Your Hotel In Ann Arbor

How to Choose Your Hotel In Ann Arbor

Hotel Choice Ann ArborSo what is the secret to finding great Hotels in Ann Arbor? Obviously, once you have decided on amenities and price probably the most important considerations should be proximity and ease of access to everything you plan to do.

Most activities in Ann Arbor happen around several area hubs.

There is a University of Michigan Main Campus hub, a Downtown hub, the Kerrytown hub, a North Campus hub and a few other centralized areas of interest.

The Main Campus Hub

If you came to town to visit the University of Michigan, there is a pretty good chance you will want to be close to the main campus when you are looking for your hotel in Ann Arbor. The main campus of the University holds most of the main academic and performance buildings, several museums, and is ringed by hundreds of stores and restaurants (including being home to the Bell Tower Hotel).

Some of the main streets that you should look for include: State Street, South University Ave., North University Ave., and Church Street.

The Downtown Hub

Just a few short blocks from campus lies Ann Arbor’s downtown area home to one of the most diverse and thriving foodie cultures in this part of the country. In addition to amazing clothing stores, incubators for entrepreneurs, and tourist spots there are literally dozens of highly rated and well-reviewed restaurants (well-reviewed not only in Ann Arbor but in national publications).

Downtown is also home to the Hands-On Museum and several nightclubs and concert venues of note (like The Ark which is one of the best roots music venues in the nation).

The Kerrytown Hub, Close to Hotels in Ann Arbor

Kerrytown is known primarily for its Farmers Market and for being the home of the world-famous Zingerman’s Delicatessen. But Kerrytown is also the home to many other restaurants, many interesting and quirky shops, and the Kerrytown Concert House (a notable area jazz venue).

The North Campus Hub

North Campus is its own interesting and self-contained little universe a few miles away from the Main campus area. North Campus is home to the Gerald Ford Presidential Library (a must visit for all US History buffs) and the incredibly unique Wave sculpture created by Vietnam Memorial artist Maya Lin.

Other Important Areas of Ann Arbor

The Athletic Campus of the University of Michigan is primarily accessible from State Street. Washtenaw Avenue is the artery that connects Downtown Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan Campus and the body of Ann Arbor through all the way to Eastern Michigan University and the town of Ypsilanti Michigan.

The Big House which is the home of the Michigan football team is located at the intersection of Main Street and Stadium Boulevard and it is next door to the Crisler Center (where the Michigan Men’s and Women’s basketball teams play). Both stadiums are across the street from the University of Michigan Golf Course (and only a few blocks from Briarwood Mall.

The Secret: The Bell Tower is Within Walking Distance

Staying at the Bell Tower will always put you within walking distance of great food and amazing performances near hotels in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

When you look for the best Ann Arbor hotel options, The Bell Tower Hotel is the perfect place for you!

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