Ongoing COVID Safety Protocol

As we move into what some have called “post-pandemic” phase, there are still many uncertainties about how this virus operates, so the Dalhmann family and our properties will be taking a conservative approach to health and safety. Rather than continuously changing our approach based on emerging – and often conflicting – data, we will be adhering to a strict list of general best practices that consider the virus with respect to its most aggressive potential. Erring on the side of caution has proven effective statewide, so we will be following recommended protocols closely.

Operational Changes for Bell Tower Hotel

The following list of directives will be in place until further notice:

  1. No maintenance or housekeeping in an occupied room.
  2. Rooms will have single use wrapped cups instead of dish ware
  3. Room keys will be kept out of circulation for 3-5 days
  4. Employees will wear gloves when handling bags or luggage
  5. Edible amenities will be removed from the lobby (sorry)
  6. Front desk will have a constant supply of hand sanitizer
  7. Employees will be retrained on disinfection practices and add extra disinfection steps to their cleaning regiment
  8. We will be cleaning vacant rooms only
  9. While occupancy allows, we will be leaving rooms empty for two days after a guest leaves before cleaning and disinfecting to prepare for the next guest
  10. Throw pillows and bed scarves are removed
  11. Sanitization company, EcoLab, will test laundry machines and dishwashers weekly
  12. If we determine a guest is sick, we will not enter the room without a full body suit, mask and gloves. We will not provide guest services in the room during the duration of the guests stay. We will deliver amenities or supplies upon request.
  13. Employees will have their temperature taken every day before work, and we’ll take our guests’ temperatures upon arrival.
  14. Fitness room will be by signup only, with no more than one person allowed at a time
  15. For van service, one room of guests allowed in the van at a time, and no one will sit in the seat behind the driver
  16. Tighten restrictions on 3rd-party vendors, subcontractors, and off-duty employees on site. Require all to wear masks and maintain their distance when on site.

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