Top Things to do in Downtown Ann Arbor

Lately, we have covered so many of the different places you can easily visit from your hotel in Ann Arbor that it might seem like it would be impossible to come up with more (we have covered everything from vegan restaurants to medieval museums).

Luckily, we have not even begun to scratch the surface of what even the Downtown area of Ann Arbor has to offer which just goes to show that the city really does contain most of the opportunities of a major city but in a much smaller town. Here are more of the top things to do Downtown within walking distance of your hotel in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Zingerman’s Deli Just A Few Blocks From Your Hotel in Ann Arbor

Hard to believe we have covered this many Ann Arbor points of interest but not yet discussed one of our most famous places to eat, the iconic Zingermans Delicatessen. Zingermans deli is probably most famous for the quality of its ingredients and its attention to detail.

For instance, all of the Zingerman bread is made to specification at the Zingerman’s bakery and Zingerman’s cheeses are purchased by their educated agents all over the world and they have a creamery and agents who purchase everything from vegetables to oils to chocolates.

Zingermans is really kind of an Ann Arbor foodie wonderland and it is located at 422 Detroit Street.

Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger

Let me warn you in advance, Blimpy Burger is an entirely different kind of food experience than Zingermans Deli.

Blimpy Burger is a shrine to one thing and one thing only – worshipping the hamburger as excessively as possible.

If you are looking for healthy, vegan, artisanal foods, Blimpy will not be for you. But if you want an expertly prepared classic (and perhaps a bit greasy) burger, you will love Blimpy.

One other heads-up, when you order, don’t say “I want a burger.” At Blimpy, you order by the number of patties you want on your burger bun, not the burger type. So a correct order would go something like this:

“I want a quad (four patties) with bacon, a fried egg, and cheddar cheese and an order of fries.”

Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger is located at 304 S. Ashley.

The Power Center

When discussing things to do in Ann Arbor Michigan previously we have included performance venues like Hill Auditorium and the Ark but another impressive venue is The Power Center on the University of Michigan’s main campus.

The Power Center exterior was created in what is known as a Modern-Classical style but the auditorium was designed like a Greek theater. In other words, no seat in the Power Center’s auditorium is more than 80 feet from the stage. It often hosts performances from many of the best performers from all over the world as one of the main venues for the University Musical Society seasons. In January, The Power Center will host “Hair and Other Stories: Urban Bush Women” part of the 2018 season.

The Power Center is located at 121 Fletcher Street.

The Secret: The Bell Tower is Within Walking Distance

Staying at the Bell Tower will always put you within walking distance of great food and amazing performances near your hotel in Ann Arbor, Mi.
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