10th Annual Ann Arbor Arts & Crafts Show “Crafting with Grace”

10th Annual Ann Arbor Arts & Crafts Show “Crafting with Grace”

Crafting with GraceDo you enjoy exploring and trying to find the best in Arts & Crafts? Well, get ready because there is an amazing show coming soon to an area near your hotel in Ann Arbor.

On October 20th, New Grace Apostolic Temple will host the 10th Annual Ann Arbor Arts and Crafts show, a juried art show featuring only hand-crafted items. The doors to the Temple will open to the public at 10 am and the show is located in Ann Arbor at 2898 Packard Road.

What Makes the Ann Arbor Arts & Craft Show Unique

For decades, Ann Arbor has been home to a wide variety of artisans and arts & crafts are as much a part of its history as any other activity. Not only does Ann Arbor host one of the nations largest Art Fairs every Summer but it is also a community where art is valued year-round.

Obviously, one thing that sets the Ann Arbor Arts & Crafts show apart is that it only allows presenters and vendors who created hand-crafted items. Another is that it is a juried show. As the organizers explain in their mission statement:

“By exhibiting the high-quality workmanship done by the craftsman, we increase the awareness of the arts and further enrich this community.”

In addition, portions of the proceeds are used to help fund other community events designed to “enrich the community.” So, when you support the Ann Arbor Arts & Crafts Fair you are also supporting Ann Arbor’s continuing commitment to the Arts.

More Reasons to Head to the Arts & Crafts Show Near your Hotel in Ann Arbor

You will rarely find any kind of festival that works this hard to ensure every attendee has a great time, the Ann Arbor Arts & Crafts show offers free parking, a free shuttle to and from off-site parking, free door prize entries, and a delicious assortment of homemade concessions and baked goods (rumor has it, there are lots of delicious goodies being prepared for the concessions area).

With over 60 vendors and an annual attendance of around 1000 people, you can get yourself prepared for a full day of enjoying amazing artisans, great people, and delicious food.

And, if you have the kids with you, the show is also family friendly with an area for entertaining children (including a kids crafts corner and an area for free face-painting).

The Secret: The Bell Tower is Within Walking Distance

Staying at the Bell Tower will always put you within walking distance of great food and amazing performances near your hotel in Ann Arbor.

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