More Summer Events: The Ann Arbor Triathlon

More Summer Events: The Ann Arbor Triathlon

It is almost time for the 2018 Ann Arbor Triathlon, an area even where thousands of people come from all over the state, the country, to bike, run, swim, or just watch.

Most important, the triathlon is within easy travel distance from your U of M Hotel.

What Is a Triathlon?

I was surprised to learn there were many different kinds of triathlons, but the one we are all probably most familiar with is called an “Olympic-distance triathlon” and is composed of a 1.5-kilometer swim, 40-kilometer bike race, followed by a 10-kilometer run.

The basics of all triathlons is based in a combination of swimming, followed by bicycling, and finished up with running.

What is the Ann Arbor Triathlon

The Ann Arbor Triathlon is an annual event hosting folks from all over the area and anywhere else to participate or support folks participating in the race.

Our Triathlon, which is part three of the Wolverine Brewing Companies series of races in the area, includes the following styles of Triathlons:

  • Sprint, including an 800m (1/2 mile) swim, 14-mile road bike ride, 5-mile Poto trail run
  • Mini-Sprint, including a 400m (1/4 mile) swim, 14-mile road bike ride, 2-mile trail run
  • Duathlon, including a 2-mile trail run, 14-mile road bike ride, 5-mile Poto trail run
  • Aquabike, including an 800m swim, 14-mile road bike ride
  • Sprint Relay, including a race with a couple of your friends

You can also sign up to compete as part of an age or gender grouping when you register for the event. All participants are allowed to wear a wetsuit without penalty.

The event includes safety support from the Epic Lifeguard Team which is made up entirely of people with Red Cross Waterfront and basic lifeguarding certifications.

The Rewards?

Every participant will receive an M Triathlon medal, a high-quality race t-shirt, and reportedly “the best post-race snacks ever.” The Ann Arbor Triathlon also provides “grab and go” style awards to the top five finishers in each category (if you are a top-five finisher just visit the awards table to receive your award).

The Rest of the Details, So You Can Travel From Your U of M Hotels

The race will be held at Halfmoon race, the address is 8690 Hankerd Road, and you must register for the race in advance. If you are interested in being a triathlon volunteer you will need to register for that in advance as well.

The Secret: The Bell Tower is Within Walking Distance

Staying at the Bell Tower will always put you within walking distance of great food and amazing performances near your U of M Hotels.

And, of course, when you look for a hotel in Ann Arbor Michigan, The Bell Tower Hotel is the perfect place for you!

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